Tuesday, August 30, 2011

going global.

How is it that the kid seen below is now old enough to not only travel to another country, but live with a strange woman in a strange non-English speaking city there for four months? When you figure it out, inform a sister, will you?

A ripe nine years old
Tomorrow, the country of Spain is going to be invaded with the all American Mark. I'm not sure the city of Valencia is ready for what is about to hit it - and I'm not sure I'm ready either. All of the sudden, North Carolina seems a lot more manageable. I forget things like not being able to text him or waiting for email replies which might take days. Oh wait, that already happens here.  Maybe it won't be so different.

I'm excited to hear about all his journeying - and you can hear about it too: Fallas en Valencia. He claims the title is some sort of play on Spanish words. I claim he's expecting too much out of his audience for recognizing that fact. It's hard enough to get people to figure out a play on English words.

Richard and I didn't study abroad due to athletic aspirations so it's just awesome Mark is doing this...and selfishly, a fantastic reason for me (and the family) to head to Spain for Thanksgiving. Talk about being grateful.

So here's to a safe flight over there, Mugs, and blog blog blog away. I'll be watching...even from across the pond.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

reinventing the wheel

Monday marked a big day for me. I hope you're prepped for this cheesyness, because even if you're not, this is it: I've recommitted to a healthy lifestyle. Consciously making good food choices and testing my physical limits.

It's been three days and things are happening...including the bowl of ice cream I just ate because it's a crucial part of the mental health.

What inspired me to get truly going again? To start this inevitable "fresh start" that we all say we'll dedicate ourselves to than somehow fall off the wagon...again?

My inspiration was two fold:

First, it was this saying:
"you may regret eating that extra cookie, but you'll never regret running that extra mile."

and B was this picture:
image credit
So I'm listening to Nike these days, lacing up my shoes, and embracing the veggies. Heck, you're only cool if you just do it too!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

jean-ius canine.

This ad is found on page 15 in the September issue of Women's Health - on the Fall Style Guide side.

You may be thinking...I don't care about Lee jeans one bit but WAIT RIGHT THERE!

This is where I get to brag about my famous friends! Well, I should be more specific: my famous friends' dog.

That gem of a dog is Skipper! (last name omitted due to over-whelming popularity with paparazzi) Lauren and Brad sure are proud parents right now.

Lauren was just out for a walk with sweet little Skip and a commercial was in the process of filming. The producers approached her and asked if they could use her dog.

Who knew she was raising a dog-actor? I can't wait to see what he does next! Personally, I think he'd thrive in some sort of promotion to be the "cat's meow."

Friday, August 19, 2011

hey, sports fans!

I'd like to raise the W flag because today is a WIN. It's a great day for Chicago Cubs fans because things are happening.

Although I don't want to make happy out of someone losing their job - especially a job they've held for 17 years - BUT it was most definitely time for a management change for my beloved Cubbies. And praise be, that change happened today! Well, technically it happened July 22, but we the public were not alerted until today...

wait for it...

Jim Hendry has been fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.

Glory! Glory! This is the change we needed....there's always next year. And next year's light shines a little brighter.

Friday, August 12, 2011

and now I'm a slight redhead.

I grew tired of the gray I kept seeing trying to sneak into my bangs so I decided to make my Friday night a makeover kinda night.

The dull brown and slightly gray hairs had to go. I couldn't even look at it anymore.

I tossed in some L'Oreal and hoped for the best. I also had too much fun creating and recreating the "loose pile of hair on top of my head" per the instructions.

And the end result was much redder than I expected...but I daresay: I don't mind it. 

I love how temporary hair color can be. Maybe I'll go for a two-toned look next time. Baby steps.

new life goal: be more like Kristen Wiig

A couple weekends ago, Tina and I finally got caught up with all the cool kids and went to see "Bridesmaids." Like most movies that receive rave reviews such as “funniest movie I’ve ever seen” and “I couldn’t stop laughing” and “just wait until the dress trying-on scene!,” I was wary about what we were about witness. Could it truly be as funny as everyone was saying? Heavens me.

If I know two things about me, it’s:
1)      Kristen Wiig makes me laugh EVERY TIME.
2)      How to be a bridesmaid.

I won’t spoil the movie for you or get your hopes up by sharing my actual thoughts, but let’s just say I was the opposite of disappointed. As Brother Mark says, “You know how I know a movie is actually really funny? When I ask people what their favorite scene is and everyone’s answer is different.” Well said, oh wise one.

Anywho, I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it over and over and over again. I’d also like to thank the movie for resurrecting my undying love for Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On.”

Next up on my list: learn Kristen’s dance moves and insert them into my life ASAP as possible.

Image credit

if you had one shot...or one opportunity

to seize everything you ever wanted...
would you capture it
or just let it slip?

Easy question, Eminem. We'd capture it - in person and on film. After many years of waiting, I finally checked another item off my bucket list: see boy genius rap live. Since you're reading this, you probably know I'm about as white girl as they come. Somewhere along the middle America lines, I fell for Eminem and I fell hard. Easily one of the best lyrical geniuses out there, I quickly grew obsessed with him and all things Marshall Mathers.

Whilst a senior at good ol' DePauw, I even convinced my professor I could write my senior thesis on Eminem: comparing his three personas (Eminem, Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady), toss in a bit of rhetoric and some lyrical analysis and bam! One solid senior thesis that was a blast to work on.

Last Saturday at Lollapalooza marked the first time I'd ever get to see him live...and it's taken a week for it all to soak in. I still think: did that really happen? 90 whole minutes of pure bliss? He played everything I could have wanted and left me speechless. I turned into "that girl" and hollered my head off along with other white people in the crowd. I didn't care that I could barely keep up - rapping one out of every ten words because he's just that good.

I wish we could go back and do it all over again. But for now, these videos will have to do. I was just losing myself in the moment like he told us too!

The Way I Am:

His encore? Lose Yourself. And lose it - I sure did:

*Due to the size of "Lose Yourself," I had to downsize the resolution.
I keep replaying these videos and can't decide if I should ever go see him again live because it truly couldn't possibly top the last experience.