going global.

How is it that the kid seen below is now old enough to not only travel to another country, but live with a strange woman in a strange non-English speaking city there for four months? When you figure it out, inform a sister, will you?

A ripe nine years old
Tomorrow, the country of Spain is going to be invaded with the all American Mark. I'm not sure the city of Valencia is ready for what is about to hit it - and I'm not sure I'm ready either. All of the sudden, North Carolina seems a lot more manageable. I forget things like not being able to text him or waiting for email replies which might take days. Oh wait, that already happens here.  Maybe it won't be so different.

I'm excited to hear about all his journeying - and you can hear about it too: Fallas en Valencia. He claims the title is some sort of play on Spanish words. I claim he's expecting too much out of his audience for recognizing that fact. It's hard enough to get people to figure out a play on English words.

Richard and I didn't study abroad due to athletic aspirations so it's just awesome Mark is doing this...and selfishly, a fantastic reason for me (and the family) to head to Spain for Thanksgiving. Talk about being grateful.

So here's to a safe flight over there, Mugs, and blog blog blog away. I'll be watching...even from across the pond.


Jan said…
Oh,my little nephew. I'm feeling it with you, Kerri. (I am happy for him, though.)

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