jean-ius canine.

This ad is found on page 15 in the September issue of Women's Health - on the Fall Style Guide side.

You may be thinking...I don't care about Lee jeans one bit but WAIT RIGHT THERE!

This is where I get to brag about my famous friends! Well, I should be more specific: my famous friends' dog.

That gem of a dog is Skipper! (last name omitted due to over-whelming popularity with paparazzi) Lauren and Brad sure are proud parents right now.

Lauren was just out for a walk with sweet little Skip and a commercial was in the process of filming. The producers approached her and asked if they could use her dog.

Who knew she was raising a dog-actor? I can't wait to see what he does next! Personally, I think he'd thrive in some sort of promotion to be the "cat's meow."


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