reinventing the wheel

Monday marked a big day for me. I hope you're prepped for this cheesyness, because even if you're not, this is it: I've recommitted to a healthy lifestyle. Consciously making good food choices and testing my physical limits.

It's been three days and things are happening...including the bowl of ice cream I just ate because it's a crucial part of the mental health.

What inspired me to get truly going again? To start this inevitable "fresh start" that we all say we'll dedicate ourselves to than somehow fall off the wagon...again?

My inspiration was two fold:

First, it was this saying:
"you may regret eating that extra cookie, but you'll never regret running that extra mile."

and B was this picture:
image credit
So I'm listening to Nike these days, lacing up my shoes, and embracing the veggies. Heck, you're only cool if you just do it too!


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