Thursday, November 6, 2008

You can stand under my umbrella 'ella 'ella

Seeing as it can't decide if it wants to rain or not today (last I felt it was merely spitting water from above), I feel the need to share that after twenty-four years, I have finally caved and purchased an umbrella. Well, actually I caved last year, but the details are in the fabric.

I used to think umbrellas were a nuisance until I realized I simply did not own the right one. Umbrellas are like purses. You need to use and wear it and feel confident. No one wants a cheap umbrella or an ugly umbrella.


I feel like a new woman when I hold this guy to protect me from the massive downpours that can occur downtown Chicago. In fact, it may be a fact that I have never felt more confident with this umbrella resting on my shoulder.

There is just something so amazingly ironic about using it on a rainy day and it makes me giddy every time. Yes, giddy.

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