bear down is what's up.

What a month.

What a week.
What a day.
What a night.
What a Monday Night Football game.

As a Bears fan, I can say the game wasn't pretty, but a W's a W. I now understand that when Green Bay Packers fan refer to "GBP," they must really mean Green Bay Penalties because really, that is the only reason we won that game. But am I complaining? Heck no.

My favorite part was maybe two plays pre-Hester's punt return, my dad commented that he didn't understand the hype of Devin Hester. Mind you - he was talking to me, owner of a Hester jersey and believer in #23 who can't speak coherently enough to be understood in an interview. I simply noted that in order to "live up to the hype, he's got to be given the chance." Enter his now what will be infamous return of the 63 yard punt return. Yessir, yes please.

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Amid the rivalry, it's always nice to win a big game in your own spaceship. Quiets the critics and quiets the rivals - who are very quick to speak out. Seriously, relax Penalties' fans, I'm sorry your team kept kicking themselves in the ass, but that's what happens.

What I feel worse about is that Aaron Rodgers? I actually really like the guy. Not only is he a ridiculously impressive quarterback with a laser of an arm, but he seems like a great guy off the field. Poor guy just plays for the wrong team. If Jay Cutler continues to prove that he's colorblind and keeps throwing to the wrong team, I'll start the petition now to get Rodgers on our squad.

It's going to be a long season, but as Cutler said (and it hurts me to actually quote him but): “I didn’t play very well...I thought we were out of sync, missing throws I should have made. We didn’t play our best game and we won. That’s got to be a good sign. Offensively, we’ve got to get a lot better. I’ve got to play better. The defense did a good job of keeping us in there.”

At any rate, I'm happy to BEAR DOWN any day of the week. Sunday night is a big match-up against the Giants. Records don't mean a thing. I don't care if we're undefeated. We've only earned one win. I'd like to earn them all. And I sure hope Cutler agrees.


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