Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Goodbye, 206!

And hello, 224!

It's the end of the era, you guys. The Angels have left Glen Ellyn.

Onto (not-so-much-bigger-but-definitely) better things:
in Elmhurst!

How cute are my parents in front of their cute new townhouse:

Pretty gosh darn adorable!

You'd think it'd be a bittersweet move, but it's truly not. The family moving into our GE house is absolutely awesome and will treat that house right.

Fresh starts are always appealing and seeing Joe and Peg so excited about their new digs makes me that much more excited! We're just hoping Maggie and Crimson adjust as easily. Five days into the new place and Crimson refuses to leave my mom's side. Meanwhile, poor Mags is a bit traumatized and has a hard time leaving the basement stoop landing. She'll learn. She'll most definitely learn.

So adios, Glen Ellyn! It's been an awesome 28 year run. We'll always have Santa Fe.

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