Friday, March 29, 2013

blog-dentity crisis.

I had a coworker come up to me the other morning to share she found my blog through Instagram and loved it.

I immediately grew shy and quick to put down my blog: "oh geez, really? It's just this thing I do for fun." But this thing - this little blog -  I realize I have been working on for almost five years. Five years? Fo(u)r serious.

But why? Why was I so quick to become defensive about blogging? Being a blogger shouldn't be embarrassing nor should it be something I hide.

And my blog? Well, there's really no rhyme or reason to it...and and that's what I love about it. There's no rhyme or reason to ME either so why would I have a web log that actually made sense with a theme?

Then I started thinking even more about this little blog and I realized: by golly, there is a common denominator. It's been hidden for years, but it's slowly coming to fruition.

What do I want to stand for? I want to stand for optimism and happiness. I always have and I usually try to use humor to showcase the ultimate optimist in me.

I don't write this blog to make money ( can't hear me laughing right now). I write this blog for me and to make myself happy. And if you get something out of it...even better!

**This blog post goes out to Kristi, who inspired me to really think about why I blog and to be proud of what I blog. Also, you should read her blog too.

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Kristi said...

Love love love!
I like blogs like this especially from far away helps me feel like I know where you're at even though we can't stay in touch frequently.