somehow it's april?

Welp it seems the last of February came and went and now I've completely missed the month of March. Ho hum. Sooooooo for that, I shall update you with simply pictures because that's what I do.

Brothers Angel on the mikes:

Ricky and I went to Charlotte with the intention of visiting Mark, but picked up a new friend in Mindy as well:

St. Paddy's Duck Hulk Smashing:

Oh then I went to Louisville to celebrate this stranger:

We took some family selfies:

And we took a standard:

Then I went to Dallas for my cousin's wedding and forced Mark to be my date:

The ceremony was glorious:

We hit the dance floor. Hard:

Then Mark smushed my face:

My father turned one and we were oh so proud:

And I kicked off April on a strong runnin' note:

Let's do this, Spring!


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