Richard's Still Kickin' It

So last night, during an extremely intellectual conversation, the topic of Richard Simmons was brought up at the bar. Naturally, everyone had something to contribute – seeing as he has the uncanny ability to touch everyone's lives in some way, shape or form. For some reason, I had it in my head that Richard was no longer with us, but last night, to my joy, not only did I find out that he is still alive and kickin' (literally and figuratively), but he also has a WEBSITE!

So in this new year...if your new year's resolution is to lose those annoying extra pounds or just become that lean, mean, fighting machine you know lives deep down inside you...

Reach out and listen to Richard – he has an entire community waiting to accept you with open arms:
He's Glad You're Here!!!

So get that boooty in shape.
Oh dear.
That was too Richard Simmons-y for me.


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