Listen Up and Listen Good.

Any book that starts off:
"I was nine years old and walking myself to school one morning when I heard the unfamiliar sound of a prepubescent boy calling my name..."

has already grabbed my attention.

Six reasons you should read "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea"
1) It's written by Chelsea Handler - a hysterical female
2) The wittiness oozes out of every word and makes you wish you had thought of it yourself. And she says the things you think, but would never actually say.
3) The stories are so unrealistically real.
4) She calls midgets "nuggets" and when she naturally becomes obsessed with a little midget named Kimmy, you almost wish you were hanging out with them both.
5) It's a book where you don't even notice that you are laughing out loud. And once you do notice, you don't even mind. And you laugh even louder.
6) Did I mention that Chelsea Handler is hysterical?


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