Puppy Love.

So I recently found a new (new for me, not the world) song that I've taken as my theme song. I felt this song was better than the claim I made to my mom (something along the lines of "I am becoming a nun..." which I recognize now as a bit dramatic).

Must be in the name, but Carrie Underwood got it right with "The More Boys I Meet." Although I have a really hard time believing she really has that hard of a time...

Hands down, my favorite lines are that of the chorus:
and i close my eyes
and i kiss that frog
each time finding, the more boys i meet,
the more i love my dog

Therefore, the guys I meet have a lot to live up to because I am OBSESSED with my dogs.

But don't worry, Carrie Underwood, I understand. I mean, just look at my puppies:


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