Completely Useless.

I am a Mac lover

...but what I do not love about these computers are the Mail and Calendar applications. Mac Mail and iCal should be synced into one application. I knew this before. However, iCal really sealed the deal with us not getting along today...when I noticed that you can an alarm for 15 minutes after a scheduled appointment. After? Isn't that a bit late?

I would understand it if there was an option to set two reminders - a "before" and an "after," but there is not.

In what instance could you possibly want to know about something that happened...15 minutes later? Maybe as a follow-up? But how can you follow up if you forgot to do it in the first place because you didn't have an option for "before" also?

I am confused.


Liz said…
Just came up with the only solution I could think of for this...maybe that feature is for really cool people who want to arrive places late?

Ex: The party starts at 7. I set a reminder for 7:15, thus by the time I arrive at the party, it is well under way!

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