Making My Get Away

Break Me Out.

So you know it's been a crazy week when my last post was last Friday with the musical number of the week.

But we find ourselves at Friday once again and since I have brought this on myself, I must perservere.

Today's song is "Break Me Out" by the Rescues.

Background on discovery of the song: Short version! Welp, this shouldn't take too long. I had no idea I even owned this song until it came on my iPod this morning!

Long version! I was carrying my work bag and suitcase bag thing and this song came on. I was curious as to what was being played so I had to swiftly maneuver my music listening device from my bag (which was not as easy as it sounds - I definitely elbowed the lady to my left and tried to apologize. Some people don't have a sense of humor before 8am. I understand) to find out the artist and title. I was pleasantly surprised.

Warning: I couldn't find an actual music video so you'll have to stick it out with a static image. I have faith in you, dear reader.

...we'll stare at our feet
sneak down the street
some kind of secret race...


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