Something Everyone Needs:

A Happy Place.

As I sit on my couch for the first time since leaving Chicago Friday afternoon, I sit and I realize how freaking lucky I am to have realized a place that makes me the most happiest.

Having just spent four days on the East Coast, two nights in Boston and two on the Cape, I realized that sleeping with the windows open makes waking up to a crazy loon in the early AM just fine when you wake up on the Cape. There is something so special about this place and while I understand that definitely not everyone feels this way, I can hope there is a place that everyone has that makes them feel the way I do when I cross the bridge that welcomes me to Cape Cod.

(finding the perfect spot on the beach makes me happy too)

It took me a while to realize where this place was (let's be honest - in college, it was the back of my Jeep). Now I'm a bit more grown up and have found my happy place. That's pretty darn good at 25!

To quote Peggy Angel, "The Cape is my most favorite place ever." And really? She's not kidding.

(witnessing the sunrise)


Anonymous said…
I feel that way about Maine. Portland and Prospect Harbor both.
Mark and Chiara said…
i feel that way about writing papers in the basement of the Davidson College library about how George Orwell and Nicholas Lemann would have perceived Bush's speech after 9/11 at 11:30 on wednesdays, surrounding by highlighted and annotated papers galore. that's my happy place. complete with my engage for change camelbak waterbottle.

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