Thursday, February 18, 2010

And So It Begins.

As all those Roman Catholics well know, yesterday was Ash Wednesday, also known as the start of Lent.

Other than all the religious stuff it symbolizes, the main thing everyone knows is that it's also the start of "giving something up" for 40 days to show the Big Guy you too can sacrifice.

Last year, I thought I went bold giving up beer & liquor (although I admit I added a clause for St. Patrick's Day). Now, I don't drink beer anymore because my stomach and it don't quite agree, which is fine by me (rhyme!).

This year, I'm going bolder. If you know me, you know I am my father's daughter and with that comes his enormous sweet tooth. I eat a lot of sweets. A LOT.

How Floyd (a la Jim Carrey) likes her, that's how I feel about sweets. Creepy? Whatever. Sweets qualify as: candy, chocolate, anything dessert-like that is only necessary to add to the happiness of life. My time on the treadmill is often devoted to how much cake I've eaten, which I admit, isn't the best thing in the world. SO Lent 2010: I'm just sayin' no (to sweets).

I'm excited about the challenge that lays before me. Now just don't go laying any Hershey Kisses before me.

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marcy said...

Oh Kerri, the Cadbury creme eggs are on the grocery shelves....and the Cadbury milk chocolate eggs and my favorite...marshmallow peeps. How can you resist. You are a better person than I.