Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smash whose mouth?


Back-to-back blog posts about lyrics? Is this okay in the web log world?

I am about to make it a-okay.

Y'all remember Smash Mouth? Well they had that hit "All Star" years ago and today, I decided to revisit it (probably should not have made that knowledge public).

No real news there - still annoying and still catchy, but one interesting tid-bit I did learn? A gem of a lyric hidden by an annoying song:

My world's on fire - how about yours.

That's the way I like it and I never get bored

Anywho, that's all I really wanted to share for now. On with your day.

*Note: That "y'all" was dedicated to brother Mark in honor of his North Carolinian nature these days.

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