It Is Real Simple

Every day, I receive the Daily Thought from Real Simple. (Almost) every day, I love it.

This was the quote a day or two ago and it hit me last night just how true it is. I grabbed a few drinks with an old friend and made a few new ones at Howl At the Moon - one of my favorite places because the recipe of two dueling pianos is my favorite entree.

The pianists made fun of our table's request to hear them play Miley's "Party in the USA" then after making fun of what a terrible song it was, they actually played it. I was bopping and singing along and happened to scan the bar during the song. All the hands went up and people's heads started noddin' like yeahhh...I realized:

THIS was a moment of happiness that seized me.

It was the little things - people smiling in unison, the company of good people and a jovial atmosphere.

Thanks for showing me the glory of the little things, life. Keep up the good work.


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