Monday, July 18, 2011

antipasto and graeters galore!

Jay Blinn really said it all when he stated, "I'm never missing a Blinn wedding...ever."

And it's true: he's not wrong. When Em and Sean got engaged in January then promptly decided on a wedding over the 4th of July, I knew I was guaranteed two things: 1) both brothers in the land of Illinois for Independence Day and b) an absolutely fantastic time.

And like Jay, I was not wrong (but really, when I am ever? Relax, I'm joking).

We ate (antipasto and learned what the definition was). We witnessed super-sized hail and our Uncle Tom swiftly taught us how to end the night with four simple steps:
- Your final beer
- Your final final beer
- Your absolute final final beer
- Throw me in the ditch. I'm done!

Friday: the bridesmaid's luncheon
where Peg shared two "words" of wisdom
Friday night: where emotions ran strong and bright.

Just being typical with my male bro-skis.
I somehow ended the weekend with two full-sized pizzas in my fridge. We saw Peggy not only enter a bar, but stay in a bar for more than an hour, singing along to Bruno Mars. Meanwhile, Joe stayed up late only to end the night, ensuring he flossed before bed.

We spent the weekend wondering who was getting in when, how they were getting to where we were and if we had enough time. UPS would have been proud because we were all about logistics. Yet we all ended up where we were supposed to be and precisely the time we were supposed to be there - this includes Rick and Joan keeping us on our toes by arriving at the hotel 7 minutes before the trolleys were taking off for the church. Bless that Joanie - she was not missing the ceremony.

Oh yeah and we saw Em and Sean give their solemn vows to one another. When a weekend is filled with family like this, you laugh until you cry then you laugh some more then eat more Graeters ice cream. You have to bring your A game or you won't realize what you forgot until it's too late.

I'd sum up the entire four day weekend in one word:

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