103 degrees.

What's that saying?
You learn something new every day?

These days, I couldn't agree more and here's what I learned last night:

Bikram Yoga

It is not only hotter than Singapore (we're talking room temperature of 102 - 105*), but it's looooooong. 90 minutes long. Oh and also they use words I don't understand. You want my body to go in what position? Cobra? Tree? Tortoise? CORPSE? Whaaaaaaaat? Where am I?

Shockingly, the 90 minutes went pretty fast, all things considered. Actually, scratch that. The first 70 minutes went really fast. Then the instructor said "4 poses and 20 minutes left!" and that's when I really started to struggle. I stayed strong and was able to complete my first official yoga class.

Did I stick out like a sore thumb?
Heck yes.

Did I feel awkward or judged or as if everyone knew I was the new kid?
Nope. And if they were looking, I was so focused on not falling over, I didn't notice.

Was it what I expected?
No, but then again, I really didn't know what to expect.

Will I be going back?
Ha, probably not.

Although I am still on a mission to finally TOUCH MY TOES.


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