Friday, August 2, 2013

roll tide.

August means football season is that much closer!

And this year, we have even more reason to root for Alabama.

To our shock, it was Crimson's time also. Less than 6 weeks after Mags. Little did we know he had cancer also and it wasn't good. Crims went downhill so very fast. It's pretty unbelievable and awfully heartbreaking. (If you're not a dog person and you're reading this, this post might not be for you)

That said, it's up for debate whether it was the cancer that ultimately took the big guy or the fact he just couldn't part with his sister. Afterall, the below was a typical sleeping situation. You can't tell where one dog ends and the other begins.
Now here's the feel good part of the story.

What you should know before reading this feel good part is: I'm a believer in "everything happens for a reason." No matter what the "everything" is and no matter what the "reason" is. Even when things that suck (like this) happen.

Something else you should know: Maggie has always worn a purple collar and used a purple leash while Crimson has always worn a green collar and used a green leash.

Anywho, back to the feel good. My dad and Ricky ultimately ended up taking Crimson in last Thursday evening and on their ride back home, they drove through Glen Ellyn (hometown shout out!). They opted to take a different way home than usual - a little more winding, a little more scenic.

They turned down the street and saw a man walking two dogs.
Two black labs.
One male and one female.
The male had a green collar and the female had a purple collar. And according to Ricky, the male bore an uncanny resemblance to Crims...

Ricky turned to my dad and said, "This means they are together again."

I mean...what are the chances? Those dogs with the same color collars walking down that street we don't normally drive down...AT THAT EXACT MOMENT? How cool is that?

It was the sign we needed. Do you have goosebumps? Are you tearing up? Cuz I am.
We miss you.
Therefore, in an awfully bittersweet manner, I am so happy these pups are together again. Take care of each other and Roll Damn Tide!

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