may day. may day.

Somehow April has passed by in a hot second and now it's May.

At least it's Friday and I daresay it's time to hold myself accountable for things that make Fridays fly (fly as in "cool" because I'm bringing "fly" back)...

Now introducing "FLY FRIDAYS":

a) The 90s radio station on Spotify
Semi-charmed kinda life? Yes please.

2) Work days with only one call on the schedule 
Aka today! I swear most of my days at work are spent hopping from one meeting or call to another. Today feels like a breath of fresh air with time to actually play catch up. Famous last words.

c) Starbucks' Spinach and Feta Egg White Wrap
A new discovery and simply a joy to eat for breakfast.
Image credit
I ate too fast to actually take a picture
4) Sequin "Delightfully Bubbly Pinot Grigio"
Exactly as it sounds - delightful and bubbly! And the bottle is totally adorable.
Image credit
Now go make this Friday fly, you guys!


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