Thursday, October 23, 2014

all it takes is a $5 bill.

The wise Peg strikes again!

About a month ago, while we were having precious mother-daughter bonding time on the Cape (le sigh...for I wish I was there right now...), Madre shared a fun savings tidbit with me.

That's correct - you read that right. A FUN way to save.

It's really hard. Are you ready?

Every time you get a five dollar bill, stash it away.

Then choose when you want to count up those fives and do something fun with 'em.

Seriously. That's it. I bought this snazzy lil number to keep mine safe and sound.
This is not an advertisement for the brand, Scout
but oh how I do love their stuff.
It encourages you to use cash a bit more and suddenly those fives add up reallllllllllll fast. No joke. I started this a month ago and suddenly have triple digits worth. So give it a go and save those fives for something fine.

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