Sweet Sound of Spring.

Yesterday marked the official first day of spring for me.
The Cubbies had their first spring training game and added one W to their book. I know a lot of people do not believe spring training counts, but I couldn't disagree more. It all starts now. Now is when I will be reading every article, cutting out pictures, altogether, spending too much reading about this team that I love so dearly. I'm not "calling" any World Series Champs, but I would like to call at least making it to the play-offs again and winning one game. Just one.

This year will be different. Mark DeRosa will no longer be at second base on Wrigley so I'll to figure that out. However, I won't take this out on you and I'll figure out a way to move past this - though it won't be easy.

So until Opening Day at Wrigley Field on Monday, April 13 - here's to some solid spring training and Go Cubs Go!


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