Too Much Information

So the latest Facebook craze is to share 25 random things about you...I stayed in on Friday night and found myself typing too much information into the "notes" section of the site. I thought I might as well share them all now, seeing as the Super Bowl is boring me at the moment. Really, I'm just excited for the hour-long "Office" that's on afterwards!

1. i can't believe i am actually going to attempt this, but that's what being "old" and staying in on a friday night means.

2. my story-telling skills are lacking, but the effort during the telling is not.

3. i prefer to write in all lowercase letters because capital letters make me feel like someone is yelling at me.

4. i hate being in front of the camera, but love being behind it.

5. i think new year's eve is the most overrated holiday of the year, but it would be the ideal night to get married.

6. i never hit the snooze button.

7. i can do a mean impersonation of "gus gus" from cinderella.

8. i don't really understand fashion "trends" and hope to stay this way.

9. i know what the secret to a good life is.

10. whiskey girl.

11. my itunes is never not on shuffle.

12. i could live on cereal and mac n cheese.

13. i probably care too much, but that's not going to change.

14. i love the #14.

15. i'm obsessed with eminem and i wrote my senior thesis in college on him.

16. dog person and trying to figure out a way to own my own english bulldog.

17. i should have been the youngest sibling. instead i'm the oldest, yet my brothers know more than i do.

18. i get aggravated when the car in front of me has their blinker on, but doesn't turn or change lanes. can they not hear the clicking?

19. i don't like throwing parties because i'm always afraid no one will show up.

20. still trying to understand why people are so consumed with themselves rather than worrying about the bigger problems.

21. i have never left the country, but desperately, desperately want to asap (desperately).

22. i always dance like no one's watching.

23. i wanted to be a cartoonist growing up and often still think about it and doodle.

24. walking elephants down the middle of NYC at 1 in the morning during the middle of the week was quite possibly one of the coolest experiences of my life.

25. i'm shocked you took the time to get to number 25 so thanks. now go grab a beer.


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