Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not "Forever"

It's (not) you and me...

Alright so call me crazy, but I wasn't crazy about the wedding video to sweep the nation (aka "The JK Wedding Dance" to Chris Brown's "Forever" down the aisle). Besides the fact that it's Chris Brown singing about "forever," I felt awkward that it happened in a church and it was just too loooooong. Something didn't sit right.

This parody, however, I do enjoy. Seems more appropriate to dance like this in a court house. Suit up and get down!


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Unknown said...

What's even better about this song being used for a wedding is that whoever was responsible for making was basically paid by Wrigley's gum to put in the line from the old Doublemint gum commercial, "Double your pleasure, double your fun."

So basically, it's a commercial. Fun times.