Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Misery Has Enough Company...

…Dare to be happy.”

Okay, it happened again.

Windy City obsession.

I went for a walk last night because I made myself think it was too humid to run. It’s amazing the mental capacity I have to talk myself out of running when it gets over 80 degrees. But really, it was hot so don’t argue with me.

I was about twenty-seven minutes into my power stroll and in the zone (much like B. Spears). Yet as I was busy looking around at all the enormous apartments/houses that are in my new neighborhood, I found myself thinking, “This is fun to dream about never living here.” I also found myself looking at the fences that are meant to keep strangers out and I analyzed ways around each one. People should really rethink their fencing if safety is their number one priority.

Anywho, I was walking and probably smiling to myself (because I do that sometimes) and I ran into Lauren Jo! (This is Lauren and I on a boat in May 2008. Say hi to her.)

As we chatted and I shared a funny story from Saturday, I walked away, thinking that would never had happened had I still lived in Philly. Thank goodness for my impulsive (not really, more like three months long) characteristics and ability to make really hard (yet wise in the end) decisions.

I read this article yesterday called “The Happiness Project." It basically said if you imagine that something good had never happened, the result is that you are immediately happier because it actually did happen! It's hard to explain. Read the article. I was a skeptic. Then I tried it. It worked.

So go ahead, I dare you to be happy.

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