You Get Sprung

by Watermelons!

So I don't normally do a product push and by "don't normally do," I really mean I never have and that's not the intention of this so-called web log (that I realize I have been drastically unfaithful to the past two months - my apologies).

However, one trait (among many) that I have picked up from my father is that of always buying new gum flavors when in a store. I do not chew a lot of gum, but if I'm grocery shopping, I'll reward myself with a pack as long as it's a flavor I've never tried before.

For today's flavor, I bring you Orbit Mist Watermelon Spring. It's delicious, a party in your mouth and it almost clears your sinuses; it's so springy!

The glory of working with my dad: I walked down to his office to give him a piece (of gum, not of my mind). My favorite part is watching his reaction. He slowly unwraps, examines the color - Watermelon Spring is green with pink speckles - then *POPS* it into his mouth. After a few chews, his eyes lit up and he was impressed with my ability to pick out good gum flavors. Success. He did take the "spring" in the name a bit literally and sprang out of his chair then proceeded to hop twice around his office.

You don't need to take it that far, but go ahead and chew on this! You might just like the spring it gives you!


Anonymous said…
Made me laugh out loud. Despite my aversion to all things flavored watermelon (aside from the melon itself). :)

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