Forever Lazy?

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So you thought the Snuggie was cool. Then they introduced Snuggies for Dogs - kinda creepy. Then the Snuggies hit the runway and took on animal prints and collegiate themes.

Okay, we get it – the Snuggie is cool, while keeping you warm.

But wait (and thank you, Amazing Amanda, for this find) because we can go ahead and take it a step further and introduce you to

As Amanda notes, "I also enjoy how not even professional models look good in a uni-lazy." That, my friends, is reason enough to purchase.

I'm picturing Uni-lazy parties, Uni-lazy pub crawls, Uni-lazy just for the sake of having an excuse to be lazy, Uni-lazy holidays - really, the list is endless.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, pretty sure you could have all your loved ones covered (pun intended) with one simple purchase.


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