Coping with The Cubs

...and their lack of post-season play this year.

Although I love October, I can't help but feel a bit sad that this October brings a Cub-less postseason with it. Though they started picking up play towards the end and started winning more (as soon as they were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs), it is still a bummer that WGN won't be airing their games this 2009 go-around.

Guess there really is always next year.

However, with the lack of post-season play means it's okay to focus 100% on Da Bears - who have been playing well...and (wait for it) actually completing passes for touch downs and running their routes! It's a breath of fresh air.

So instead of being sad about the Cubbies, I think it's time to realize October really and truly stands for football and turn that frown upside down. Also, while you are at it, learn the "Bear Down Chicago Bears" song because if you're like my mom, all you know is "Bear down Chicago Bears...dadadadadadaaada daaa" while thumping on furniture. Although charming, if there are touchdowns to be scored, there is a BEAR DOWN to be sung.

Here's a little help:


mcrowley said…
OK, I listened to the song...but I couldn't understand the lyrics.Can you post them in written form? I'm not a Bears' fan but would love to know the words. By the way, I can picture your mom on the sofa attempting to sing the song...even though she doesn't know the words. She was a master of the Florida "hand chop" back when you were just a thought.

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