poor guy.

This is what happens when a Godpuppy doesn't see his Godmother enough...

Meet Skipper. He lives in Connecticut so we haven't officially met yet, but luckily the internet keeps us very tight.

Poor Skip - Lauren thought he needed a new hairdo.

His eyes plead, "Please do not use the pink ponytail holder ever again!" And most likely in some type of British accent.

At least he's the cutest goldendoodle that I ever did see!


Bridge said…
SO ADORABLE! I bet he would love the cutest GOLDENdoodles ever...Sargent and Pepper Blinn, currently residing in Irving, Texas blissfully unaware of their impending move to Raleigh. :) Will have to consider pony tail holders in their next coifing.
lauren jo said…
Skipper just saw his reflection in the computer monitor and barked a bark of dismay remembering his 'do :)
JoEllen said…
THis would be my goddog and he is the cutest. I don't know about that hairdo - Lauren must have been bored that day.
Loving your blog. joellen

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