zip your lip$ like a padlock.

Thursday night was a night for the books.

House of Blues booked Ke$ha and a few friends and I immediately booked our tickets. $30 to see a two hour show that was bound to be full of random antics we'll never witness again? Done.

Let's start with who opened for her:

Please note: he did not actually sport a beard, but rather a shocking combination of a mustache and mullet. We purposely got to the venue about an hour after the show was "set to start" because none of us were interested in seeing Beardo. Considering I thought his name was Beer-doh before I saw it in print, I think this picture help explains why.

Weirdo Beardo indeed.
We caught his ditty "Alien Man" in which he removed his shirt to show off his hot pink and hot orange spandex pants and jumped around screeching alien man alien man alien man. Oh my ears. I think they still hurt from that song.

Finally, he ended and I think the crowded cheered the loudest then. Well, that was until Ke$ha appeared on stage with glowing Kanye West like glasses and opened up with "$leazy." A song ironic in and of itself. As an artist who's not afraid to share her sexual experiences and materialistic ways, she sure opens herself up with "I don't need love lookin' like diamonds." Curious because some of her outfit seemed to be adorned with diamonds.

While I would like to go into more details with the charades of the show, I'm going to edit simply because I myself would like to pretend some of the antics did not actually happened.

What did happen, you ask?
• A man dressed as a dinosaur as she sang about "dinosaurs," aka old men who hit on her
• Learning Ke$ha's favorite animal is a 'narwhal' for an...interesting reason
• 'Grow A Pear' is now my new favorite song which featured a man dressed as a pear (I wonder if the pear and the dinosaur got along back stage?)
• Santa channeled the Beastie Boys as he sang "Fight for Your Right to Party," while Ke$ha, wearing flannel and neon hot pants, took a baseball bat to a piƱata*
Original photo taken by yours truly.
Santa fightin' for his right to partyyyyyyyy.

*Author's note: I'm pretty sure at least 2/3 of the crowd wasn't born when the Beastie Boys were originally around.

Needless to say, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Life is made up of experiences that sometimes only need to be experienced once. This was one of them.


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