Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lent it be

And we've arrived at the Lent season once again.

I've decided to do two things:
1) give up sweets (you've been warned)
b) get back to blogging more regularly
3) listen better

If you're paying attention, I've just listed three things. I never said I was great at math.

See ya after Easter, sweets
I've given up sweets before and it was not easy. I have a sweet tooth. I embrace that sweet tooth. I can happily share that day two is going quite swimmingly and so far, so good. We'll see what the weekend brings.

Back to blogging
Back by popular demand (by me), I want to get better at writing and sharing unnecessary stories with you, my dear reader. Sharing things like this: I went to Arizona last week! It was a new state for me and I was ready for some sunshine. I needed a reset button and this trip was just delightful. We'll ignore the fact it rained for much of the day on Saturday (apparently the first time it had done that since November...real cool, Tucson). And we'll ignore the fact we switched hotel rooms once. And we'll ignore the fact the resort restaurant couldn't cook my mom's cheeseburger properly. But hey - all those facts we're ignoring lead to memories.

Also we hiked and shopped and celebrity stalked (actually, that was just my dad):
We found Kimball Peak! Wait, did we?

Spotted: Rick Sutcliffe in the white hat and Dad's second margarita in 20 minutes.

From 60s and sun to 30s and snow. All in the matter of an hour.

The windy twisty road up to Mount Lemmon was worth this view.
My stomach might not agree so much though.

The best people I know.
Let this be a lesson in: May you never get too old to take a trip with your parents. Because it's the best thing ever.

The art of listening
I think we can all do this. And it's something I know I need to work on. Whether it's listening to others or heck, even listening to yourself: I'm gonna do it...better.

So happy Lent to you! What are you giving up?

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