nike plus for the win.

I consider myself fairly technologically advanced. Fairly being the operative word.

I downloaded the "Nike+" app on my phone mostly because I was just curious how far I was running and how fast (err...maybe I should say how slow) I was going. But hey, at least I was moving!

Download the Nike+ app here
First run:
The first time I used it, I tried to listen to my Spotify playlist. I went to start my run, then the music stopped. I ended up listening to my old old old "work it" playlist that hasn't been updated in years. #firstworldproblems amiright?

About 3/4 of the way through, I wanted to snap a picture of the sunrise over Lake Michigan (because that will never ever get old in my book). I paused the run and clicked the camera icon onscreen, but the app wouldn't let me. Something about "not having access to my photos". Ho hum.

After wrapping up the run, I really did love the way it laid out my route, pace, time and overall calorie burn, but I knew there was room for improvement.

Second run:
Still learning to use it - not feeling comfortable with it. Nothing interesting to share (although this sentence implies my first attempt with the app was actually interesting to you...)

Third run:
Flash forward to this past weekend when it was warm enough to run outside again without all the snow and slush jumping. I was determined to get this app going. Good news! I figured out how to listen to Spotify while using the app:
1. Open up Spotify and start music
2. Open up Nike+ app and once you go to start a run, select "no music"
3. Wabaaam! Enjoy your personally selected ditties as you jog

So already, run #3 was off to a strong start. I was feeling good and wanted to knock out at least four miles at a slightly uncomfortable pace - pushing myself a bit.

I was just about halfway out when I noticed how absolutely gorgeous the Chicago harbor was so I paused to snap a photo (that's what I love about running: you can PAUSE any ol' time you want if you see something pretty. It's your run. Do what you want).

As I finished up the run, I was feeling strong and happy. I think I might have "mastered" the app. I'm excited for spring to come around and I can really take this puppy for a spin.

How does it work:
Well I don't really know, but I know GPS is pretty important. I'm so helpful. While I can't explain how it works, I can share with you some screenshots to make you feel like you were there!

This is how the app shows off any pictures you may have taken during the run. There are different format options if you want to show multiple pics. Win!

Here is where my "mastering" (or lack there of) of the app may come into play. You see that big ol' gap across the river and a few blocks? That's because I forgot to hit "resume run" while I was standing waiting for a red light to turn green. So I guess I ran a bit farther than the 4.27. I'll get there.

But I love the below screenshot shows you: route, time of day, length, total time, average pace, calories burned and temperature. The "happy face" is something I chose because that's how I felt about the run...which is most definitely not always the case.

If you're a curious runner like me, I highly recommend the Nike+ (far better than RunKeeper in my eyes).

Please note: the above review is entirely my own and in no way affiliated with Nike+.

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