Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mom Turned 21!

again! But who's counting?

For the second year in a row, I've been lucky enough to see my mom on her day of birth. 2009 brought a delicious dinner at Rosebud on Rush (talk about eating with a view - we couldn't help peaking over at The Peninsula for any celebrity sightings).

It was snowy. Christmas decorations were up and we were happy. After claiming we were too full for dessert, then proceeding to polish off of the chocolate godiva cake - which naturally I claimed was "godiva for," I swear you probably had to roll us out of the restaurant.


it was worth it because my mom was positively happy. And you know what makes me happier than being happy myself? Seeing the people I love the most so happy. I asked her if it was a good birthday and she said the only thing that could make it better were "two boys."

SO Ricky and Mark, you were there in spirit, but had you been there in person, I wouldn't have had my dinner tonight (leftovers galore).

Here is 3/5ths of the Griswalds, posing in front of the holiday-adorned lion at the entrance of The Peninsula, where I held Dad back from going in and asking about "the Hollywood stars potentially staying in the penthouse."

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