Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Right Coast.

The nation's capital was bombarded last weekend. A Feld family was reunited and we got to meet a new member of the circus clan.

Although working for the circus and Disney on Ice had its perks in (and out of) the three rings and on (and off) the ice, the greatest perks I found were the friendships. (Geez, have the holidays made me sappy or what?) Although Philly wasn't my favorite city to claim residence in, I got to meet some of my favorite people in the world.

Now YOU get to meet them too.

Baby Brendan was born on October 6 and I got him his first Cubs shirts. Seeing as the only team he has to root for is the Nationals (and let's be serious - can we really call them a professional team? I guess their paychecks can), it seemed fitting that he be a Cubs fan.

Ever the true fan, BPB is happy because he knows there's always next year. 2010, what?

The team that never was in writing, but always will be:

I'd say we're comprised of 60% women and 40% raw talent and creativity.

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