Monday, April 19, 2010

Enlightening words

Yesterday, I finished reading a book! Aren't you proud? School done me good.

This book was called Council of Dads (and it's a true story). The premise is actually really sad, but to sum it up, the author is diagnosed with cancer in his femur and doesn't want his three year old twin girls to grow up without a dad. He recruits six men to be his voice, should anything go south. His only rule was that these men could not be related to either him or his wife.

The idea is the girls never have to read the book since he wants to survive.

What I took from the book are the six things he took from his friends:

• Approach the cow.
• Pack your flips flops.
• Don't see the wall.
• Tend your tadpoles.
• Live the questions.
• Harvest miracles.

The book got me thinking what role I would play - were I to apply those six things to my life. I would hope mine is to "harvest miracles."

Find the good in everything. Out of everything bad, comes something good. No matter where you are - who you're with - good is everywhere. You've just got to be looking.

**I have every right to say this, especially now having survived this weekend as a bridesmaid to my great college friend and I came down with the freaking stomach flu. Yes, I was feeling awful, but the bride wasn't and it was her day. I'll take one for the team any day of the week.

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