Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh The Irony

of an April Fools Joke turned real.

Last year, my friend Bridget found it funny to do the fakengagement via Facebook that threw many in a tizzy (and I should probably brush ma shoulders off because I knew immediately what was going on).

Go figure: about an hour ago, I got a text from my friend, Natalie, saying she got engaged! This one is legit and real and really exciting - but I do feel bad that my first instinct was, "I hope this isn't a joke!"

So learned the lesson of the Boy who cried Wolf.

On that note -
Today's status: "friday," high of 80, more registrations, 20% off mojitos & HOOTERS with some fools!

Today has been such a great day and it seems fitting that the happy hour I am heading to, the bar's slogan is: "Where Good Days Meet Great Nights"

This is one happy fool up in here! In case you are interested in the history of April Fool's Day, read on here.

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