Thursday, December 2, 2010

spin it to win it.

Winter mornings make it so easy to stay snuggled in flannel sheets and enjoy the warmth of your bed for...just...a...bit...longer.

Last night, I had stayed up a bit later than usual, cleaning up after having some friends over for chili and Love Actually. (That's the kind of clean-up I don't mind doing. It makes me appreciate having people over to clean up after! What better way to start off December, eh? ) Before calling it a day, I set my alarm to make sure I would wake up for a 6:30a spinning class.

At 6:01am this morning, my alarm went off and the mental battle began. My initial thought was: "Ugh - I didn't get much sleep - it'd probably be better for my body to get another hour of rest" (I spy: Kerri making excuses for herself!).

I stretched out, grabbed my phone and reset my alarm for 7:12am. As my head went to go hit the pillow, I had an epiphany.

The choice to workout was in my hands. I could chose to go back to sleep in my warm cove of flannel or not think twice and just get up and get moving. It was like my brain switched on and the latter became my only option.

I'm happy I got my butt out of my bed and into the spinning class. This was my first REAL attempt at a spin class and I have to say: I'm not sure how I feel about it. I definitely got my heart rate up and got a sweat in. Not to mention getting to the gym when it's still dark out, but leaving as the sun is slowing adjusting in the sky definitely has its perks. But the class itself just didn't give me the same satisfaction as a good, hard run.

I kind of felt like this guy, minus the slight Canadian accent:

Things I did like:
• when the music matches the speed you're cycling
• you cycle in a semi-dark room!
• even though you're surrounded by others doing the exact same thing, it doesn't have that sense of "she can kick so much higher than me" than say a cardio kickboxing class has because you can't really see how others are doing
• there's a definite finish line: end of class

Things I don't like:
• holy moly SORE BOOTY
• less satisfaction than a run
• not being able to choose my own music (biking to Coldplay's "Clocks"? I'd rather not)
• my amateur move of forgetting to bring a water bottle

Needless to say, I'm definitely going to try it again. It'll be a nice change of pace for working out and not much beats actually getting up and going!

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