totally whipped.

Adios, Four Loko....Hola, CREAM?

Since the demolition of Four Loko (which I really just learned about maybe three weeks ago), I know you've been searching for the right alternative.

Search no more.

Enter: alcohol-infused whipped cream.
Yes, you read that correctly. 

Learn more here.

I just did a little sampling of the US-version called CREAM and holy moly, it went above and beyond my expectations. Added a little caramel to my coffee and it got me: I'm whipped.

Add it to coffee, hot chocolate, jello or heck - go crazy and take it straight from the bottle.

Beware: it is 15% alcohol (read 30 proof) so consume wisely.

Christmas is already merry, but you have the ability to make it just a little merrier.


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