i'm horrified

to learn that I actually did enjoy the music of "The Rocky Horror Glee Show."

I saw the previews and normally shy away when I know an episode is going to include music of which I know nothing about. Sorry I like singing along. But...

Shame on me! The storyline of this particular episode of Glee? Ehhh, I could do without. The music, however? So catchy - so fun - so...ummm...awesome!

Talk about a Time Warp indeed (I'm thinking of adding this song to my fitness playlist).

I'm gonna go ahead and give Glee! a pat on the back because what they pulled was a very Disney-esque move.
1) Resurrect an older movie (of which Glee!'s younger audience will be familiar with if only because of the name, but not really enough to know the music).
2) Relate the older movie to the present (so the younger audience can enjoy).
3) Make it entertaining.
4) Genius.

Who's coming with me to rent the real deal? Because now I want more.


Anonymous said…

1) DO NOT RENT the RHPS unless you can find some people who know the crowd responses to watch it with you.

2) Go find it at a movie theater.

3) When you go to the movie theater, DO NOT DISCLOSE that you have never seen the RHPS.

Wish I could take you myself!

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