we'll never forget

• how you served orange juice in a small (what i thought was a) wine glass in the mornings
• how you put plastic covers over your furniture whenever we visited because we were bound to spill
• how we spent hours putting change into change holders so you could take it to the bank already counted out - "No need to make their job harder"
• how a kind word was never far from your mouth
• how "wonderful" any and every drawing we ever gave you was
• how your mind was taken from you much, much too early
• how perfect we were in your eyes
• how you hid your extra condo key in an old ceramic turtle and were convinced that was the absolute best hiding place in the world
• how you would buy Frosted Mini Wheats just for us
• how the oversized checkers blanket you had was definitely the coolest thing in the world
• how much you loved those Cincinnati Reds
• how you taught me that tuna and cheese sandwiches were really the only decent food one could eat while sitting by the pool
• how happy Naples made you
• how much you loved UDF strawberry milkshakes

and you.

We'll never forget you. Though the Nana we knew and loved so very well has been gone for more than seven years, that doesn't take the pain away.

It just gives me peace that she and Pops are finally...finally back together again. Now that's definitely something that "your Pops and Nana Blinn are going to love."

We'll miss you, Patricia Shea Blinn.


Anonymous said…
A very good list, this one. Love!
mcrowley said…
I never met Nana Blinn but from your list of what you will remember about her I can tell she was one special lady. Brought tears to my eyes. Hugs to your family, especially your mom.

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