you go, girl.

I'll admit it: I looked down on the Spice Girls and their whole "GIRL POWER" movement. (Their music, however, fits into a different category of my life, aka one I embraced and still do to this day)

Yesterday I blogged about the MarieClaire article and the backlash it's caused.

Liz also blogged and tweeted about the atrocity of the article and MarieClaire contacted her to be a guest blogger! Check out her guest blog here. The hitch is they changed the title of the article a bit. We originally had "Get Real: A Real Woman's Perspective on the TV Woman." But whatever.

The bummer is that the comments people left on her guest article didn't create constructive conversation - they are just still sipping the hater-ade for Maura Kelly.

Just proves once again: you can't control the actions of other people.

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