Monday, November 8, 2010

making lemonade.

You know the phrase: "When life hands you lemons, make some lemonade" (and toss in some blueberry vodka for good measure).

Labor Day weekend, I was putting my "Favorite Daughter" title to the test when Mom and I got up early on Labor Day to cheer on my dad as he finished a half marathon. We greeted him at the finish line after awarding people with random awards: Mr. "Should not have worn those shorts," Mr. "Americana," Ms. "Ouch it hurts to run,"etc.

As we loaded back into the car, I glanced down at the right hand and almost cried. My Nana's ring was missing its pearl. We looked everywhere but turns out a grassy knoll is not the ideal place to lose something of value. Luckily I still had the gold setting the pearl was not so securely nestled in.

Flash forward until now: I assigned my mom the task of finding a cool stone to fill the pearl's void. I thought it was a neat idea to have her pick it out since it was her mom's ring. It'll make for a good story if I have a daughter or my brothers do (oh that thought just freaked my freak so we'll come back to that at a much later date).

BUT here's the outcome!

I love how it's something that no one else in this whole big wide world has. Just don't ask my dad what stone it his first answer was "sapphire," then "amethyst." Poor guy :)

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