seeing the light on a saturday night.

When I'm feeling under the weather, the things I crave the most are endearing movies, hot chocolate and the relief in knowing I can lay horizontally on my sofa without guilt.

Last night, I went to go pop in Love Actually (always a fantastic go-to) when I realized my television was already on TBS and Shrek 2 was about to begin. Always a sucker for clever cartoony movies, I opted to watch the ogres find love...again.

The second movie of choice was again on TV by chance: The Holiday. While its focus is around the Christmas holiday - and I'm a big believer in waiting until post-Thanksgiving to think about Christmas - my fuzzy brain couldn't switch it off.

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It was a fantastic decision because it reintroduced me to what I had forgotten is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time:

"I'm looking for corny in my life."

If that doesn't hit the nail on the head for my life, I don't know what does. I embrace corny with my whole heart and this movie - while overall, not corny - understands this.

What's not to love?


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