when strangers impress me.

I got back to my apartment last night to find an envelope above the apartment mailboxes with my name on it.

Capitalized and sturdy, KERRI ANGEL on one side.

Curious as to what was going on, I flipped the envelope over and found this note:

Not knowing what check they were referring to (I knew my rent check had already been cashed), I ripped it open.

It was a check I had given my dad to pass onto my mom, which he must have dropped in the flurry of last week.

I had no idea that my mom hadn't gotten the check so this gesture was so unbelieveably awesome to me. It's proof that people still do things without needing or receiving acknowledgment (there was no name on the envelope so I have no way of knowing who this was from).

When strangers impress me, it reminds me that there are good people in this world, which is refreshing and rejuvenating.


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