it's a great day for ebay.

Yes, "everything happens for a reason." Always. Even when it doesn't quite make sense.

Another thing I believe in? Customer service.

I'm a big eBayer. I've joked in a not-so-funny manner that they should change the name to KerriBay because of how much love I have for the site. I started selling items about a year ago and as a seller, feel it's important to buy things as well. A you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours type of thing.

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A few weeks ago, I realized that somewhere in my past three moves, I'd lost my rain boots. Gasp! Spring season is almost upon us. Meaning rain.

In dismay, I searched eBay and found a brand new pair of tall Hunter boots (still in the box! tags still on!) and timed my bidding perfectly. Jackpot. I won the auction.

Now it's almost three weeks later and no boots to be found. About three days ago, I contacted the seller to let her know what was up. She was shipping from Indiana. I live in Illinois. I probably could have walked to her house and back to get the boots faster than the post office mail them to me.

Anywho, that's not the point.

While shipping is out of her control, she was apologetic and refunded my money today. See? It really doesn't have to be that hard. Communicate and it's game on.

While you may seem sad that I didn't get my boots, that's where you're wrong! My mom - being the mom who knows me so freakishly well - had found a pair of rain boots in the mean time. Plum Chooka boots that I love even more (and the best part is I didn't even pay half of what these are listed for)! What was I thinking with the attempted Hunter boots anyways? I'm not a brand girl. Impulse move.

Everything happens for a reason. So be nice to people. It pays to have dry feet.


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