j-man day.

Today's my dad's birthday. To quote him, he's "another year younger." It's amazing how consistent he is, turning another year younger annually. It's like Benjamin Button, but minus the baby turning into a creeptastic...thing.

Here's why my dad is the bees' knees, arms and his legs:
• He says things like, "I didn't not used to like him" and "Bad wine is not good!" So wise.
• He completes races in which the distance is something you need to Google. As I learned this year, 50K equals 31.07 miles. This definition can also be found in the dictionary under "crazy".
• He gets defensive over his Jeep. Her name is Sally.
• He makes the best milkshakes in the business and always finds room after a meal for something sweet. Priorities.
• He is a quiet leader who gets things done without an ego. It's possible!
• He consistently combines celebrity names, movie names or band names to create some new celebrity, movie or band you've never heard of. Five points for trying.
• He can't read piano music, but he can play it by ear and he's amazing. Exhibit A (download the MP3).

Of course there are a gazillion other reasons, but I'm pretty sure this post doesn't need to be a novel for you to get that J-man is one of a kind.

So if you see this man walking down the street, ask to shake his hand. You'll be glad you did.


lauren jo said…
Haappy birthday to your daddio! Love that pic!

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