ten dollars.

With the major repercussions of the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster only just beginning, it's more important than ever to pitch in where you are able.

To help send relief to Japan, text REDCROSS to 90999 and your cell phone service provider will automatically add $10 onto your next bill.

My heart breaks for what they are going through and yet, I have a hard time turning the footage off. It especially hits home because in 1995, my aunt, uncle and three cousins were living in Kobe, Japan. On January 17, Kobe was hit with a 6.9 magnitude earthquake and we were unsure of what happened to our family. Thankfully, they all survived but lost so much. As they flew back to Cincinnati (having lost much of their house in Japan), I distinctly remember meeting them during their layover at O'Hare, feeling so thankful they were there to share Chicken McNuggets with me (and even crazier that a day existed where there was no security and you were free to just walk straight to the gate to meet people).

This latest earthquake has brought back memories and makes me realize that there is so much more that I can give... but what better way to start than $10 to the Red Cross?

They need our help and we should be more than happy to give.

Click below if you'd prefer to donate via their website:
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