turn it down.

No, really. Turn this song down. I guess it's okay to temporarily turn it up only to witness first-hand how jokingly bad this song.

Well, Kim's done it again. Encroaching in an area of entertainment where she's not really needed. First it was acting (stay tuned for her flick with John Travolta), now it's singing (screeching? slightly mumbling?)

"Jam (Turn It Up)"
by Kim Kardashian featuring The Dream
(Who is the "Dream" featured in this terrible excuse for a song anyways?)

Kim Kardashian, it's getting easier and easier to keep up with you.


Meghan said…
That's just awful. I couldn't get past 45 seconds. Yikes Kimmy!
lauren jo said…
Yick, I heard it was bad (thank you TMZ), but didn't expect it to be un-listenable!

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